Tassimo Starbucks Variety

Now that your new Tassimo T Disc Coffee Maker is delivering excellent tasting coffee beverages from the convenience in your kitchen, it is time to give the Tassimo Starbucks Coffee T Discs a try. There are several different options to choose from that you and the rest of your household will thoroughly enjoy.

The world of single cup coffee makers offers several different types of coffee brands, flavors, roasts, and drink options to choose from. With so many Tassimo coffee discs available it can be difficult to choose the beverage that best suits your cravings. It is extremely important to realize that the Starbucks Tassimo products already have an existing great reputation preceding them due to the huge success of the thousands of Starbucks Coffee Houses located all over the world.

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Knowing the variety of Starbucks products that are available before you make your final purchase will help you to get a good sense of the different options that are available today, leaving you with a purchase that you’ll be happy with. Your goal is to ultimately find the perfect Tassimo Starbucks T Discs for whatever mood you might be in at that moment, so that you can enjoy your hot coffee beverage whenever you desire.

Unlike other single cup coffee makers, the Tassimo system is the only cup at a time system that has the largest variety of drink options to choose from. Offering it’s consumers the largest full line of coffee, espresso, and tea drinks, Tassimo is the most diverse hot beverage system on the market. No other brewer can deliver to you a  cappuccino, espresso, latte, caramel macchiato, cocoa, and tea within just moments like the Tassimo Brewer.
Having the option to prepare that expensive coffee house tasting espresso drink from the comfort of your home at a fraction of the cost and at the time you choose, makes this machine one unit you want sitting on your kitchen counter top. Giving the non-coffee drinker or young child in your home the option to prepare a hot cocoa or chai tea from the same machine you prepare your espresso drink, makes this machine the perfect all-in-one-unit.

There are about ten different flavors of coffee flavors and coffee drinks to choose from the Tassimo Starbucks T Discs.  You can choose from a dark roasted Africa Kitamu or Caffe Verona, to a medium roasted Breakfast Blend. Prepare a simple Starbucks Latte Primo, Cappuccino Primo, or cup of coffee any time of the day or night. The Tassimo tea selection is growing each and every day. Basic black tea, Tazo Awake, classic green tea, Earl Grey, tasty Chai tea and more can be enjoyed with a simple touch of the button.

Do not hesitate any longer, but take advantage of many drink varieties that the Tassimo beverage system has to offer you. Millions of people have been enjoying the great tasting flavor of Starbucks Coffee T Discs for several years now. Saving you the hassle of heading out to your nearest Starbucks Coffee Shop, these T Discs can be enjoyed from the comforts of your home or office. Head out today to your your nearest retailer or search online for your favorite Starbucks Tassimo Variety.

Tassimo Announces Its New Line of Starbucks Coffee T Discs

The newly released Tassimo Starbucks T Disc line of luxury coffee brings one-cup brewing to an entirely new level. First released online in mid-November 2009, the new Starbucks line of T Discs is now available from a variety of retail outlets throughout the country. Featuring classic varieties like the famous Starbucks House Blend and Breakfast Blend, the line also includes exotic flavors like Caffe Verona and Africa Kitamu. The addition of these luxurious Starbucks selections to the Tassimo line will bring the total number of Tassimo T Disc varieties to over sixty delicious choices.

The new Starbucks T Disc line also includes delicious coffee beverages including Starbucks Cappuccino Primo and Starbucks Latte Primo; these coffeehouse quality drinks are now available in your home. The patented and innovative Tassimo T Disc system provides delicious coffee with one-cup convenience, freshness, and flavor. By brewing one cup at a time, the Tassimo system ensures the highest quality beverage every single time, providing you with the perfect cup of coffee anytime you wish.

The secret is in the Tassimo’s unique computerized system, which delivers precisely the correct combination of hot water and pressure to produce a consistently perfect cup of your favorite beverage. By reading the bar code included on every T Disc, the on-board computer calculates the optimal settings for the drink you’ve chosen, and ensures that it is brewed according to exacting standards designed by the world’s most discerning coffee manufacturers.

These new Starbucks T Disc selections, like all the Tassimo T Disc varieties, come in sealed containers to ensure maximum freshness. Some T Discs incorporate concentrated milk to produce outstanding coffee drinks, including the Starbucks Cappuccino and Latte varieties; these exclusive T Disc offerings allow you to reproduce the Starbucks experience in your own home, anytime you want a delicious coffeehouse-style beverage.

The addition of these exclusive Starbucks beverages to the Tassimo line add a fresh new dimension to one-cup coffee making, allowing consumers to enjoy the ultimate in flavor and luxury in every cup of coffee, cappuccino, or latte. Brewing is simple and takes about a minute, allowing you to enjoy the delicious taste of gourmet coffee anytime, day or night.